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We are full service body shop and collision repairs centre, located at the middle of Toronto & North York areas, we are servicing customers from all over the Greater Toronto Area.
Among our services are auto body paint, car body repair, alignment and more. We offer the best quality for affordable rates, fast work timing and more than 25 years of experience!

About Toronto Auto Collision

Our Services


alignmentBest Alignment Services in Toronto
There are several things that can affect wheel alignment, like excessive wear to suspension components and collision damage. This can affect handling of the vehicle eventually compromising safety. It is, therefore, vital to have the situation checked in time and have an alignment done in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Toronto Auto Collision has the best alignment services in the GTA, and will see you enjoy a smooth ride in…

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Auto Body Repair

auto-body-repairQuality and Affordable Services on Auto Body Repair Toronto
If your car has been involved in an accident or has suffered damage from everyday use, you will greatly require auto body repair to restore its original shape. This may involve handling scratches, dents, and spoiled metal frames, among other damages. There are special tools that technicians use in providing these repairs, and this is then followed by interior and exterior refinish.
Toronto Auto Collision holds a…

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Auto Paint

auto-paint-torontoSuperb Auto Paint Solutions in Toronto
At one time or another you will be required to paint your car, whether you are just out of a car accident or you are planning to restore or transform it’s look. This is also an important consideration if you are just about to sell your car, so that you can fetch a better price. There are many shops offering auto paint services in Toronto, but you need to…

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Car Rental Toronto

car repair & car rental TorontoThe market of car rentals in Toronto is booming as more people abstain from owning cars in the big city, and rent a vehicle whenever needed one, instead. The demand is on a constant rise, but so are prices. Even the more affordable rental agencies seem to be charging higher prices every day. This is because they are rental agencies – it is their primary income source and their car fleets…

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Car Repairs

car-repairMost Reliable Car Repair Toronto Solutions
There is no way of avoiding car repairs, but you can minimize these through proper care and regular maintenance. It is of the utmost importance that you get quality solutions for your car repairs to avoiding frequenting car repair shops often. Understanding how billing is done is also a wise move since some shops go for a flat rate billing, while others base this on the time spent by the…

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Collision Assistance

collision-repairCollision Centre Toronto
After a collision, you definitely need to have your car checked and have all the necessary repairs done in time. It does not matter, whether the accident was major or just a minor one since ignoring car repairs can end up significantly lowering your car’s value and leading to even minor damages increasing over time, if neglected. In collision centers, you will get all kinds of repairs and a reputed shop will restore…

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